vendredi 13 juin 2014

Tactical Football Soccer Table

Addictive strategy game and tactical soccer
Make some decisions in real time.

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Tactical Soccer puts you in the heart of the action :
you have the control and can prove your tactical expertise on the ground in a series of very stressful situations where you are the one to make decisions that will help you outsmart the defense adversely and lead your team to victory.

This is a strategy game, where you have to combine your tactical habitability and your love for the football, and win the game against your opponents.

There is two mode, single mode where you can play with artificial intelligence, but more fun is in the versus mode, here you can play with your friends on the same devices, phone or tablet.

How to Play :
Each player has 3 moves.
You can run or pass the ball to your friends.
When you are close to the target use button shot to score a goal .

Friends Sport Football League

Football League is one of the more intense and addictive games for world teams league soccer.

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And choose your favorite team to play with, the most popular teams are added !!

★ Dribbling, short pass, long pass, tackle and much more.

★ All that you need to play a real football game on your android devices

★ Build your and customize your team.

• Real Football Game for Android
• Goods Team real foundation
• The game controls very easy and sensitive
• Realistic sounds and stunning graphics
• New intuitive touch controls